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Pre Cleaning Creme

Pre Cleaning Creme

SKU: FF-Jerob-PC
This product was developed for removing “stud tail” grease from the skin and coat. Pre-Cleaning Creme was not intended to be used on the entire body of the cat, but only in the worst areas for grease and grime. Some animals are so dirty that the first time it may be necessary to use it all over, but then you will find that only spot use is needed.
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    8oz/236ml Jar

    Use a small amount at a time and rub it into the coat. It will take some work but be sure to get the creme all the way down to the skin. If needed add more and work the crème into the coat for several minutes. After this time it may change color which means the grease/dirt is coming out. When you have worked the crème in for a while, use a cloth to wipe out as much of the creme as possible. If you are using the Pre-Clean for the first time it may need a second application to totally remove the really bad dirt/grease and grime.

    Pre Cleaning Creme will wash out with water, but it is recommended that you at least use One Step Grease Removing Shampoo after using it.

    Pre-Cleaning Creme is the best for removing dirt/grease from any place on the cat/dogs coat or skin such as behind the ears, legs and back end, and even tear stains using a cotton swab to apply. The Creme will remove any organic substance/matter from the animals coat and skin. Repeated use on urine stains will get them out. If you are not sure what the substance is, try Pre-Cleaning Creme first, before any liquid products or water.


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