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JGSE - Winter Blues Solution

JGSE - Winter Blues Solution

Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences - Winter Blues Solution, 2oz/60ml bottle with dropper

Optional spray top available for purchase - see item FF-JGSE-Sprayer
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    Whether we call it cabin fever, the winter blues or in more severe cases, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the reduction in available natural sunlight and lack of access to the outdoors brings out the symptoms in our human and animal families: over sleeping, social withdrawal, disinterest in activities they usually thrive on, just to name a few.  In our Winter Blues Solution we really were trying to capture "sunlight in a bottle," using all of the essences in our ever-expanding repertory, and some new ones that we brought on board specifically for this solution. For instance, Water Hyacinth from our friends at Starmen Kaua'i Essences is a "Cleanser of the emotions to lift depression, fear and heaviness. Good for winter blues or lack of sun." Likewise, Black Ebony from Green Hope Farm brings forward "Assimilation of light in all its forms including sunlight."

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