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Nixall® is a health management solution straight from nature itself.  Its active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), is an infection fighting substance found naturally in the human body.  HOCl is all natural and made from electricity and salt water, the same solution nature makes every time lightning strikes the ocean. 


Nixall is non-toxic to humans and animals, does not harm eyes, ears, skin, or lungs.  It contains no VOCs, petro-chemicals, alcohol, Phenol, sulfates, fragrance, or dyes. Although is has a slight chloronous odor, it is NOT bleach!  It is safe for waste water treatment and septic. All Nixall® products have varying concentrations of Hypochlorous Acid and include Disinfectant/Sanitizer, Cleanser, and people and animal wound + skin solutions.

Nixall® Wellness Products

"A New Generation Disinfectant"
Affordable solutions to your family and animals health
while creating a better environment
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